But go find out.

A will vary considerably, which brings to mind another famous Manita, that of Robert Lewandowski in the challenge of 22 September 2015 in Wolfsburg, 5 goals scored in 9 minutes of play. Soon to uncomfortable comparisons, but for sure this performance will remain in the minds of the Milan fans for quite some time. And (ahiloro) in that the goalkeeper, defenders and supporters of Dusseldorf.


September 14, 2018 – Milan An image of the remake of the first centimeters of Rosi Athletics track starts again from Rome and the first centimeter of the new track athletics stadium named after Paolo Rosi, the commentator of “Mennea, Mennea … recovers, retrieves, he won! “in Moscow, and many other businesses blue. The CONI president Giovanni Malago, the old “neighbor” of the plant since the Canottieri Aniene is 500 meters, and that of FIDAL Alfio Giomi, with the Councilor for Sports Daniel Frongia, have christened the time the work starts should cross the finish line on November 6. 228 thousand euro will be spent to restore an area now dilapidated, rebuilt for the last time 16 years ago.

The Rosi stadium, the Water Sorrel, is located a few dozen meters from the sports center Giulio Onesti, the home of the Italian Olympic training for various disciplines. There was also talk of the possibility of a small pedestrian bridge on Via dei Sports Fields to create more synergies between the two areas.

In any case, it is the promise of Giomi, “Rome will be for us a central pole, redone in the plant we could organize federal rallies, while the track will also be useful for” riatletizzazione “of some athletes. I think for example to Federica Del Buono, who will work in the coming months with Vincenzo De Luca. ” A BY PETER POWELL – The stadium has written important pages in the history of Italian athletics. Since training for the Olympic Games in 1960 to those for the World Cup in 1987.

In the latter part of his career Pietro Mennea ran here (in the ceremony it turned out even a block used right from the champion), but the list of those who have ringed laps these parts is long, from Merlene Ottey to Asafa Powell. In recent years he had become the symbol of the degradation of plant and field and a number of bureaucratic obstacles had prevented the rebuilding operation. Despite all this, in recent years the field nursery has produced such talents.

As Lorenzo Benati (there was the inauguration Mario’s father), who in a few days we will see about 400 meters nell’Olimpiade youth of Buenos Aires. Valerio Piccioni

March 1, 2019 – Milan The mock coffin of the fans in the stands dell’Alaves against Monday’s games. EPA is riaccorciano days and is not an early winter, but the decision of the RFEF, the Spanish Football Federation, who has decided to eliminate from the next year the Monday games. The decision was announced via Twitter by Luis Rubiales, Federal President: “There will be football on Monday, but only on Saturdays and Sundays.

We will see what will happen with on Friday, if we can find an agreement for all” with the Liga and with the media. “Business is 1xbet live football important – he added – but the fans have priority.” No Rest MÁS FÚTBOL LOS LUNES. A partir de la próxima Temporada en @laliga habrá sábados fútbol y domingos? Veremos ocurre with qué los viernes, you llegamos to an acuerdo bueno para todos. El negocio es importante pero más los aficionados ???????

Somos @ the RFEF # SomosFútbol ?? pic.twitter.com/hp8R01hPSv – Luis Rubiales (@LuisRubiales) March 1, 2019 stadiums, the Bernabeu is a temple. And in 2022 it will be even better the protests – The reference is to the fans protests, including the latest and most egregious of the dell’Alaves fans in the match against Levante on 11 February, had carried a mock coffin in the stands referring to “the death of football.” Objective achieved, as had already happened in Germany, where long protests of supporters to “monday night” had led to the same decision, the Bundesliga which will make it effective in 2021.

However, in the German curve, the dispute continued, with supporters Monday blacks bearing signs with a big middle finger. In Italy, however, no news on the horizon for the postponement of Monday although, in the case of Genoa-Milan moved to Monday, January 21 (to order) and several complaints were raised. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

January 29, 2019 – Milan From left Quartararo Fabio and Franco Morbidelli. Epa Accomplice the commonality of the main sponsor Petronas Malaysian, at the launch in Kuala Lumpur on Yamaha SRT team called Lewis Hamilton to test the bike that will participate in the 2019 World MotoGP class riders Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo.

The British Mercedes, five-time world champion Formula 1 champion, has repeatedly expressed his passion for two wheels and last December he also shot on the track in Jerez de la Frontera, riding a Yamaha R1, under the guidance of two professional pilots as the brothers Alex and Sam Lowes. He also expressed the desire to visit the Ranch Valentino Rossi, where the now famous dirt track. “If Lewis wants to try my bike, then I want to prove his F1” joked Morbidelli. And Quartararo added: “Yes, no problem. I’d love to see Hamilton in MotoGP. ” Gasport

February 26, 2019 – Milan  Ilary Blasi. Ilary Blasi. That Wanda has sharp claws like blades now no doubt. But that’s not the only one.

The epic literature that tells the descent into the field of the wags in defense of their husbands or partners footballers, is vast. And loud. Because the battle cry “hands off from my husband,” the ladies know football throw anathema to managers and coaches and supporters ignite. Take Ilary Blasi, TV presenter and wife of Francesco Totti.

The year is 2016. The former captain of Roma, now almost 40-year old, with Spalletti on the bench, the camp sees it from afar. Only months before, for an interview granted to the controversy Rai, it is removed by the withdrawal of Trigoria. Ilary hatching for a bit ‘of time and then thunders: “It’s been kicked out of his house – tells the Journal – not critical techniques, but Spalletti choices was a small man.

He suffers Totti. Pallotta? Must reasons before de parlà” . His words make noise, lots of noise. But Blasi will never back down: “I do not regret.

They are always shining when I speak.” Carolina Marcialis and Antonio Cassano. Those tweets and post to the poison – But what are the weapons wielded by wags? The company, of course.

And the talent, as a tweet and post, is not discussed. Carolina Marcialis, Ms. Cassano in January 2015 after his FantAntonio decides to close with Parma on the verge of bankruptcy (rimettendoci 4 million Euros) goes up against Roberto Donadoni, technician at the time of gialloblù: “I understand you missed the chance to go away before, and I also understand the attachment to money, but sooner or later someone will try you, have faith Chrysanthemum. ” Words heavy, however, seems to have been written by FantAntonio in person, using the account of the wife.

But go find out. Do you remember instead of Benedetta Balleggi? The wife of former Milan Luca Antonini cheers for the exemption Allegri with which the husband never found room: “At last I enjoy myself.” It lasts as long as a cross happiness Federica Riccardi, consort of Alessio Cerci in a post that criticized the Italian soccer guilty of failing to promote her husband: “… greetings Serie A. We go in football matters.” The end?

Four months later, he returned Cerci in football that does not count. Accidents path, for heaven’s sake. Claudio Marchisio and his wife Roberta Sinopoli. Melissa vs miha – In April 2016 Mihajlovic was sacked by the Milan bench, in its place here Brocchi.

Melissa Satta, better half of Boateng with technical Serbia has no place, gives him the coup de grace: “You can talk only when situations alive from inside – she confesses Tiki Taka – but in the locker room there was peace “. Miha replies in his own way after receiving the Tapir Strip: “I’m not racist, but I think that women should not talk about football, are not suitable.” To be recorded the outburst by Roberta Sinopoli, wife of former Juventus Claudio Marchisio. During his last of 10 seasons with Juventus, the midfielder ends at the edge of Allegri project. And she, after the derby with Torino (9 February 2018), he blurts out: “Tolerance comes to the line of mutual respect, through the turns.” Here, at the end of the season, the young Prince greets everyone and fly to St.